Kids Club News

Rushden Kids Club will be holding our annual sports day event on Monday 24th July 2017.

All of our fabulous Two’s and Pre-School children are welcome to attend with their parents.

There will be a variety of races taking place throughout the event for everyone to participate in… including the parents and staff!!


The Nursery consists of two separate areas; a Baby room, (children aged between naught to two years) and a Two’s room, (children aged between two to three years).  The age brackets are only a guideline; children can make the transition into other areas before or after the stated age, depending on the individual child’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs.

Our beautiful Baby room is where your child can start their journey through Rushden Kids Club.  It is an inviting, home-from-home environment, where your little one can play safely and develop their skills before transitioning into the Two’s room.  We provide a peaceful and relaxing, designated sleep room, which is constantly monitored by practitioners; including the temperature, which is set to ensure the babies are comfortable and safe.  We follow the ratio of three children to one practitioner and follow each child’s routine from home, so you can rest assured that your little one will receive the essential care and attention they need at this important stage of their life.  The Baby Room has access to our extensive outside space and the practitioners regularly go on local visits with the babies to surrounding parks and attractions.

The Two’s room is a spacious and stimulating environment, which is perfect for your child to have fun whilst learning and is tailored to meet their changing individual interests.  Our wonderful outside area also provides constant free-flow opportunities to outdoor experiences throughout the year, come rain or shine.  We understand that this is the time when many children start ‘toilet training’ and therefore, the Two’s room is equipped with a separate children’s bathroom, which includes; low level toilets, potty’s, steps and low-level sinks to encourage independence and personal hygiene from a young age.

The Nursery ensures that activities are based on your child’s individual interests and focuses on the three prime areas of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework, encouraging learning through play.  The three prime areas are as follow:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

The Nursery rooms benefit from being divided into areas to enable quiet time, eating, sleeping and play.  This allows children within the Nursery to have access to a wide variety of activities, experiences and learning opportunities; whether it be sensory/messy play, exploring natural objects through heuristic play or something as simple as reading a book, singing Nursery rhymes or having a cuddle with one of the Nursery practitioners.

The Nursery areas also have their own designated craft rooms, giving the children the opportunity to free-flow and have supervised access to tactile/sensory experiences daily such as; sand, water, paint and much more.  This enables children to explore and release their inner artist.



At Rushden Kids Club our aim is to provide a warm and welcoming Pre-School for our children and their families. We strive to offer our children a safe and stimulating environment to encourage them to explore and discover new experiences. In doing this, we hope to enable children to become independent thinkers and doers.

The Pre-School allows the children to access the outdoor area for the majority of the day, enabling the children to free flow on their own accord between the inside and outside vicinity, whilst being supervised by our experienced staff. During their time with us, we encourage the children to take risks and possess a ‘have a go’ attitude, all under close guidance.

It is important that the children become school ready whilst they are with us at Rushden Kids Club; we encourage this by following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). The EYFS is followed by observing the children and their likes and interests; activities are designed to capture these individual interests and next steps will then ensure that the children progress and reach their full potential.

We very much believe that children learn through play!

In the main Pre-School room, the children can access a variety of different activities. There is a choice of construction, small world, mathematics and a music area. These areas are designed to capture the children’s interests. Also, the children eat their snacks, lunch and tea in the main room; these are prepared and cooked on site by our wonderful cook.

The craft room has a wide range of resources for the children to become creative thinkers and learners. The children are encouraged in selecting their own resources to promote independence and forward thinking.

Our Pre-School front room is a quieter area within the preschool, this enables the children to sit back and relax in our cosy book area with a mixture of books and reading friends/puppets for the children to explore. We use the front room to take a formal register in the mornings and afternoons, which again is part of becoming school ready.

Rushden Kids Club has an amazingly hospitable and knowledgeable staff team. They thrive on providing the children the very best opportunities to ensure that they can develop skills across the EYFS and reach their full potential.

Out of School Club

We offer a before and after school club as well as a holiday club catering school aged children up to 14 years old. Our excellent team running the club do so in a way that keeps everyone engaged, offering opportunities to wind down from school or provide support with homework and after school studies. During the school holidays we provide an energetic programme of activities which involves a mixture of indoor and outdoor fun.

The Club also offers a pickup and drop of service to and from local schools in our popular School Bus touring around Rushden and surrounding areas.

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