The Nursery consists of two separate areas; the Buttercups Baby Room, (children aged between naught to two years) and the Daffodils Room, (children aged between two to three years). The age brackets are only a guideline; children can make the transition into other areas before or after the stated age, depending on the individual child’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs.

Rushden Kids Club Baby Childcare

Our beautiful Buttercups Baby Room is where your child can start their journey at Rushden Kids Club. It is an inviting, home-from-home environment, where your little one can play safely and develop their skills before transitioning into the Daffodils Room. We provide a peaceful and relaxing, designated sleep room, which is constantly monitored by practitioners; including the temperature, which is set to ensure the babies are comfortable and safe.

We follow the ratio of three children to one practitioner and follow each child’s routine from home, so you can rest assured that your little one will receive the essential care and attention they need at this important stage of their life. The Buttercups Baby Room has access to our extensive outside space and the practitioners regularly go on local visits with the babies to surrounding parks and attractions.

Daffodils Room at Rushden Kids Club

The Daffodils Room is a spacious and stimulating environment, which is perfect for your child to have fun whilst learning and is tailored to meet their changing individual interests. Our wonderful outside area also provides constant free-flow opportunities to outdoor experiences throughout the year, come rain or shine.

We understand that this is the time when many children start ‘toilet training’ and therefore, the Daffodils Room is equipped with a separate children’s bathroom, which includes; low level toilets, potty’s, steps and low-level sinks to encourage independence and personal hygiene from a young age.

The Nursery ensures that activities are based on your child’s individual interests and focuses on the three prime areas of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework, encouraging learning through play. The three prime areas are as follow:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

The Nursery benefits from being divided into areas to enable quiet time, eating, sleeping and play. This allows children within the Nursery to have access to a wide variety of activities, experiences and learning opportunities; whether it be sensory and messy play, exploring natural objects through heuristic play or something as simple as reading a book, singing nursery rhymes or having a cuddle with one of the Nursery practitioners.

The Nursery also has their own designated craft rooms, giving the children the opportunity to free-flow and have supervised access to tactile and sensory experiences daily such as; sand, water, paint and much more. This enables children to explore and release their inner artist.