As we head rapidly towards the end of the year and life descends into one hectic panic to get everything done in time for the big day, deputy manager Gail Cowley suggests we pause for a moment and reflect on what makes Christmas special. Plus, she shares photos of some of the recent festive activities the children have been enjoying.

There are cards to be written and delivered, the tree and house to be decorated, presents to be bought and wrapped, menus to be planned, food to be ordered – all whilst attending numerous functions and events and making sure your children are delivered to the right places at the right times! It’s exhausting!

If you have done all that, grab a coffee, put your feet up, relax and cast your mind back to what really makes Christmas special for you.

Little angels: Rushden Kids Club perform their nativity play at the local church

For me what makes Christmas special is not so much about giving and receiving presents or preparing and eating delicious food.

It’s much simpler than that. It’s a feeling of warmth and cosiness, relaxing by an open fire with flames a glow, dining by candlelight, spending quality time with loved ones, sharing special moments, seeing the children’s faces full of excitement, twinkling lights and kind gestures.

Spreading good cheer: The children share memorable moments with the residents at the elderly care home
Santa’s little helper: Decorating the tree at the elderly care home
Ho ho ho: Santa pays a visit to Rushden Kids Club

The smells of Christmas, cinnamon sticks and pine cones, nutmeg and cloves, sweet sticky mincemeat and cranberry sauce. Homemade gifts and gingerbread, candy canes and paper chains. It’s about family, laughter and joy, caring, sharing and love.

It’s also about remembering times gone by, sharing stories of our childhood memories and happy times.

Of course Christmas is not such a happy time for everyone, it reminds us of people we have loved and lost, people we miss and wish were still here to enjoy the celebrations. Some people are alone at christmas or lonely, ill or infirm. There will be children who won’t receive a present at all and whose homes are not the safe secure place we would want it to be for them.

So as we wind down to the Christmas break, spare a thought for others, spread a little cheer this Christmas, a kind word, or a friendly hello can make all the difference. Donate to a food bank, buy an extra gift and pass it on, invite a neighbour to lunch or just knock on the door to make sure they are okay. It’s these selfless acts of kindness that make magical memories to treasure forever and restore our faith in human nature.

So with this in mind we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year from all the staff and children at Rushden Kids Club.

Happy times: The children enjoy a performance by entertainer Banana Brain Roadshow
Smile! It’s Christmas! The children and staff in the Buttercups Room show off their Christmas jumpers

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