Five ways to keep your child entertained this summer

We all know how difficult it can be keeping children entertained and the summer holidays can be especially tricky. Here at Rushden Kids Club we have a dedicated team of play workers who pool the children’s ideas to make the holidays as exciting as possible. Here our top five low cost activities for a fun-filled summer…

Play with a theme

Model making - activities to entertain your child
Model making: From a rocket to a castle, save up your recycling and let your child’s imagination build all sorts of exciting objects
We asked the children what they would like to do (since they are the experts at play!) and divided the summer up into manageable weekly sections, each with a different theme to inspire the imagination.

Instead of endless days of boredom we provide six individually-tailored weeks with exciting things to do: Pirates, Harry Potter, Seaside, Messy, Dinosaurs, Knights and Princesses and Space. What theme would your child choose?

Dress up and go!

Whatever the theme, at Rushden Kids Club we love dressing up. Children gain so much from dress up play, it sparks their imagination, helps with socialisation and can encourage empathy. We already have a large selection in the dress up box but making a costume from scratch has the added benefits of problem solving, honing fine motor skills and even gender exploration.

Why not take a trip to a local charity shop with your child and see what their creative minds can come up with?

Get junk modelling

At Rushden Kids Club we love junk modelling and one of the most exciting activities the staff can provide is a large selection of boxes, bottles and tubes.

The processes children use to imagine that those particular boxes with that tube could make an awesome robot with a jet pack bottle on his back is not just problem solving skills, it is a higher level skill of thinking called divergent thinking. The same materials the next day could become a space station with rocket.

Save up your recycling for a week and marvel at the wonderful ideas children can come up with.

Food, glorious food

If your child could they would probably spend the whole summer eating cakes, sweets and biscuits. We are big believers of healthy eating at Kids Club and all our snacks and dinners are nutritionally balanced and taste delicious (Thank you Natasha and Caroline the cook). However we have discovered a great way of breaking the rules; let the children make the snacks.

With our new kitchen we will be baking a lot more this year, and trying out some ambitious recipes like making our own ice-cream – we will let you know the results!

Cooking with a child helps to develop hand eye co-ordination, safety skills and you can sneak some maths and science learning in too. With the obvious bonus of delicious food at the end, your child will begin a life skill that could lead to less work for you!

Time to get messy

To develop children’s natural curiosity nothing can beat messy play. Ooblek is a fancy term for non Newtonian fluids like cornflour and custard. With no right way to play it boosts a child’s self confidence and self esteem.

We have the space at Rushden Kids Club for larger messy crafts, with a big sheet of paper and a bucket load of paint the children can use brushes if they want or get in there with hand and feet.

Try a simple messy science experiment: fill an empty squirty bottle with 1 third bicarbonate of soda, 1 third cornflour and the final third with water add a few drops of food colouring and shake it well. Fill another squirty bottle with white vinegar and a few drops of food colouring. Draw a picture with the first bottle on the ground and trace it with the second bottle to watch a fizzy chemical reaction.

If you try any of the activities on here then we’d love to hear how you got on. We will be doing these and many more over the summer at Rushden Kids Club. With a bigger team to look after the children we bounce a lot of ideas off each other during our planning. If you’re struggling for ideas over the summer speak to a member of our team.

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